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Take these daily vitamins to stay healthy while on the hCG Diet VLCD

Based on the latest scientific findings and technology, Essentials for Men® and Essentials for Women® now contains an advanced delivery system, so now you will receive a steady stream of key vitamins, minerals and botanicals throughout the day in two, fast dissolving tablets.


Our health-boosting Essentials still contains maximum dosages of nutrients that are tailored to meet the needs of both men and women so you never have to worry about getting the right kind of nutrition.

Essentials for Women

Fortified with 900mg of five kinds of calcium for strong bones, breast health and healthy hair, skin and nails.* Select herbs and phytonutrients help fill a nutritional gap to support overall health.*

  • Five kinds of calcium: carbonate, ascorbate, hydroxyapatite, citrate and gluconate

  • Citrus bioflavonoids and nourishing antioxidants help support overall wellness*

  • Optimal for absorption

  • Nourishing antioxidants

  • 900 mg of calcium delivered throughout the day

Essentials for Men

Features premium B vitamins that support stamina, energy, endurance and mental concentration, as well as natural antioxidant support for overall health.*

  • Herbs & minerals essential for promoting prostate health*

  • High antioxidant support against free radicals*

  • Optimal for absorption

  • Premium B vitamins

  • Exceptional antioxidant support

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Isagenix Essential Vitamins for Women


Isagenix Essential Vitamins for Men


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